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Effective 4D Communications require a lot of skills and virtuosos - always performing at the top of their game
COPY WRITING Edgy headlines or in depth essays. Press Releases, product descriptions and Interviews. For all of your channels!
VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY Great pics and video are telling your story - effectively. Intriguing photos and movies define your brand.
SOCIAL MEDIA It was never easier to get in touch with your existing and new customers. Never forget to keep them entertained!
Marketing Your brand is your most valuable asset. Marketing is a part of branding and communications. Not the single combat saviour.
STRATEGIC PLANNING The most exciting times are when you have nothing to say! Identify the downtimes between releases. And make them count with great content!
PUBLIC RELATIONS Never miss an opportunity to appear in the media. There is no bad PR. Always be prepared and nurture lively and healthy relationships with multipliers!
About integrative concepts
Interview (german) with Thomas at Breitbandbuero
Thomas Wendt, the founder of Integrative Concepts has a somewhat diverse background. He just follows his curiousity and his interests. He has worked and was trained in so diverse disciplines as medical industries, classical guitar, electric guitar, professional live sound engineering, studio recording & engineering, studying electronic engineering at FH Bochum and reached a degree in informatics/ computer programming from Control Data Institute in Dortmund. That led him to work with CAD software companies and from there being hijacked by a press agency that looked for a person knowledgeable with computers and writing skills. At Presseagentur Reimann, Düsseldorf he became an editor, learned PR work from the ground up and wrote articles and books for IT publications like Sybex, Data Becker, etc. When he started his own business the first time in 1993 he then became the press representative for Steinberg which he joined full time in 1995 as PR Manager and Press spokesman. Due to his computer skills he also oversaw some development projects until he left the safe job at Steinberg to start Integrative Concepts, with Steinberg as the first major client in 1998. Since then he has served the media and his clients well with a constant flow of information and stories about great products and concepts in the extremely exciting times of the rise of the computer as the main tool for creative work and the internet as the new home for media and communications until today - the mobile, iOS, twitter, facebook, blog and rich media days. He now nurtures a healthy network of professionals from around the globe to bring the news of exciting new "things" to the public, hosting events, copy writing, workshops, video production, nurturing social media etc. With Skating Dog Production a video and audio production company has been brought up to serve the Integrative Concepts' need for professional content.
 Whenever the busy schedule allows for it Thomas is still active as a recording, mixing and performing artist aka Tom Wendt. The album "Kehrwieder" was entirely self produced and is performed every now and then at small clubs and bars and anywhere else where he is welcome.
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